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What our motto means to us. Building. Relationships.

In this video Nathan Mendel discusses the Mendel and Company motto of Building. Relationships and how it applies in today’s marketplace. Construction of a commercial property is an ever moving process with many different things that can go wrong and right. Make sure you are careful about who you decide to build your relationships with.

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C.I.N.G. and Homes For Our Troops

I am starting this weekend on a high. Yesterday afternoon our Construction Industry Networking Group (C.I.N.G.) hosted the Chamber Unplugged Event at the South Metro Chamber of Commerce.

It was standing room only as a capacity crowd of 200 showed up to what was the last Unplugged Event at the old Chamber location.

My wife made homemade brisket sandwiches and potato salad for everyone and it was outstanding (thanks honey!).

Ten or eleven of our CING members had tables in the back room to allow people to learn more about what they do in their businesses. read more

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Is this the start of something?

We have been incredibly busy for the past ten or twelve weeks here at Mendel & Company. We have been bouyed through the recession by our niche in the medical / dental field, but in the last quarter we have seen a marked increase in the number of non-medical projects coming our way. It is too early to call this a trend, but I am curious if others are seeing a general increase in commercial construction projects.

Tomorrow morning we have a CING meeting (Construction Industry Networking Group) which I facilitate. We typically have forty or more folks from the industry, both with a commercial and residential focus and so my question to this group will be whether they are seeing this general uptick as well. read more

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CING update

We had a terrific Construction Industry Networking Group (CING) meeting this past Tuesday. We meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the South Metro Chamber of Commerce. Other than a lack of breakfast, there was some terrific conversation. We decided to leave the name of the group as CING. We started a contest for a new logo, and talked about the format of the meetings for the next year. We also announced the launch of our new website! Check it out at
Anyone in the construction industry is welcome, so please plan on joining us on May 17th. read more

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Happy Friday everyone! One hat that I wear that some of you might not know about is as the founder and facilitator for a group called CING, which is the Construction Industry Networking Group. We meet monthly at the South Metro Chamber of Commerce. This past Tuesday there were 55 of us at the meeting. I have also been told that there is now going to be a CING North version and their first meeting is on March 2nd. If anyone would like to know more about this, just contact me.

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